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A Rundown On Whats What With Soundproofing

Drywall can be used to add mass to partition walls or used in conjunction with sound isolation clips or green glue. You can use 12mm/15mm or specialist Acoustic drywall. 

To add dampening to a wall you can add a viscoelastic layer or an acoustic membrane.The special property of the damping compound is its ability to convert sound energy into heat, so that the sound abruptly stops.

With decoupling, gaps are introduced into parts of the structure, preventing the sound vibration from continuing along on its path. Products like sound isolation clips provided excellent isolation and soundproofing.

Absorption does have a role to play in soundproofing, but it has the least effect of the four elements. Insulation packed into partition cavities will absorb sound this is best used in conjunction with one of the other four soundproofing elements.